A Little Saturday Catch Up!

Well folks, this momma has to go back to school on Monday.

It has been the most amazing past 4.5 months of my entire life and I have all sorts of mixed emotions about going back.

I love my baby boy, but I am SO ready to have a schedule... a routine... an adult life again (even though most of my day will be spent with 6 year olds - ha!)

I am also dreading that my day away from home is so long. My school hours are 730-330 and I work about an hour from home. Which means if I would like to go to the gym and try to lose any of this baby weight I get to choose between leaving my house at 430am or not getting home until about 6pm. UGH!

I am nervous AND excited that my hubs is going to be stay-at-home daddy. They are already the best of friends and I know they will be so fricken cute together, but I also know he will be exhausted and I will be exhausted and with all these changes going on, we will likely be buttin' heads. 

Lastly, I am SUPER excited to share a look inside my classroom with you all again!! That is something I genuinely miss doing. I will be snapping pictures, playing catch up, and sharing our fun times in room 102.

With all these fun changes going on, Parks and I also decided it was the perfect time to buy our first house! Ha! So many changes in a such a short amount of time. Life is always crazy over here... and that's the way we like to keep it ;)

Here is a looksie at our new home! It is currently getting finished and we picked out cabinet colors and granite colors and all that fun stuff. We move in April!

I also have a product that has been in my head for 2 years, slowly getting worked on in my computer for a year... and will FINALLY be getting finished soon after some trial in my classroom. I am so, so, so excited about this one:

We have done a *few* of these in my classroom over the past couple years and I have since been trying to make more. They are higher level thinking tasks that require multi-steps, higher level thinking, and some require teamwork. My students put their brains together and solve real life tasks using the math skills they have already learned. I will definitely be sharing more as I finish this up!

See y'all soon with some 1st grade fun!

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