Mo Willems - An Author Study with Pigeon, Elephant & Piggie, and Knuffle Bunny!

Do you LOVE Pigeon?! Do your kids LOVE Pigeon?!

I cannot get enough of that silly pigeon and my kids agree. He is a read-aloud favorite and my kids begggg for me to read a pigeon book at least once a day! 

I'm not a pigeon-only type of gal either. I think all three Knuffle Bunny books are just amazing for students in so many ways.... and those Elephant and Piggie books?! They are also class favorites.

Basically, I love Mo Willems. My class loves Mo Willems. and I think he is a literary genius! All this being said, my 1st grade team and I are finishing up our year with a few author studies. I knew my kids would SO enjoy studying Mo Willems and all his fantastic books, so I wanted to get started on this unit right away!

If you can't already tell... I am SO excited about this unit :)

I made a better preview so you can actually SEE some of the pages and types of activities in the unit... if you want to check that out... click HERE!

Here are some examples of activities included:

 Letters to write to Mo Willems!

Making inferences, comprehension questions, text-to-self connections and more with Elephant and Piggie! 

 Character changes over time, making predictions, looking at dialogue and more with all three Knuffle Bunny books!

Adjectives, text-dependent questions, opinion prompts, vocabulary and more with Pigeon!

A fun, creative writing activity looking at the unique photographs/illustrations in the Knuffle Bunny books!

Click on any of the images above to get a closer look :) The unit is on sale through tomorrow night (Wednesday 4/23).

PS- If you want to win a free copy... make sure you head on over to my facebook page!


Insects - Tons of freebies!

We have been studying insects the past few weeks in class! In my previous years, I had only taught about caterpillars and butterflies. This year I found out our science program will let us study a few different insects. 

First up, are meal worms!

I have plenty of butterfly activities from [this pack] I had made this year, but I needed a few different things for this unit, so I made a little mini-unit that I thought I would offer up as a freebie.

We held these crawling little buggers in our hands today and the kids were squirming and giggling all over the place! Then, we recorded our observations in our journal:

We unscrambled some insect sentences during handwriting:

and practiced mentally adding and subtracting 10 with this little math game:

Last, we did a little close reading all about the Venus Flytrap and my kids thought is was THE COOLEST PLANT EVER!

*This passage is actually in my Plants unit, but since we won't be studying those for a couple more weeks, I thought this would be a nice addition to our insect study*

All of the activities above (except the close read) are for FREE in this little unit I uploaded to TPT last night! I hope others can use them!

Happy Monday :)
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